5 Autism videos to inspire you

As a parent you are going to have frustrating days that challenge your sanity. A parent of someone with autism has some additional sources of frustration to deal with. No sane person would design a system that make you jump through hoops for over twelve months to get a meeting with a person who explains the sort of services that your child would be eligible for if the money to provide those services used up by the application process you has just endured, right?

On days like that its good to have a source of inspiration on tap.

1. J Mac - A Hoop Dream

Whenever I have a bad day this video always brings a tear and smile to my face. I won't spoil the surprise but what really inspires me with hope for my kids is the support J-Mac's classmates show him even before the magic unfolds.

2. Katy Perry, Jodi DiPiazza Sing at Night of Too Many Stars

Not sure who this Katy Perry person is but the subtle smile on Jodi's face at 3:45 and 7:45 always get me.

3. Tim Sharp aka Laser Beak Man

When my twin boys were diagnosed with Autism I didn't have any adult role models I could call on to to imagine them as adults. Then I was fortunate enough to meet a Brisbane based super hero in the form of artist Tim Sharp and his amazing family. Their love, mutual support and fearlessness are a constant inspiration to out family and countless others.

4. Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen is an artist with an amazing ability to accurately recreate complex scenes after only the briefest viewings. I was fortunate enough to see Stephen in action and what he does is truly mind boggling. What is inspiring though is not only his technical artistic ability but that he has found his passion and voice through art.

5. Temple Grandin TED Talk

Apart from being an inspiring adult role model, Temple does a wonderful job of helping us neurotypicals seeing the world in another way.

Todd Whitehead

As a passionate advocate for my children, I am determined to help them and the world become better friends so they can live a rewarding life of their choosing.

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