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What are the Autism Internet Modules (AIM)?

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The AIM is a collection of high-quality information and resources for anyone who supports, instructs, works with, or lives with someone with autism. The motto of AIM is "Linking research to real life" and the modules have been developed to provide practical evidence based guidance that can be applied to education, home, employment and and community settings. The modules also stands out by providing information on challenges across the whole lifespan of someone with autism.

What modules are available?

The list of available modules is extensive but the module navigator provides an easy way to locate modules relevant to each context.

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The following list represents the AIM modules currently available.

  • Antecedent-Based Interventions (ABI)
  • ASD-4-EI: What Early Interventionists Should Know
  • Assessment for Identification
    *Autism and the Biopsychosocial Model: Body, Mind, and Community
  • Cognitive Differences
  • Comprehensive Program Planning for Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Computer-Aided Instruction
  • Customized Employment
  • Differential Reinforcement
  • Discrete Trial Training
  • Extinction
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Home Base
  • Language and Communication
  • Naturalistic Intervention
  • Overview of Social Skills Functioning and Programming
  • Parent-Implemented Intervention
  • Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention (PMII)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Preparing Individuals for Employment
  • Transitioning Between Activities
  • Video Modelling
  • Visual Supports
  • Prompting
  • Reinforcement
  • Response Interruption/Redirection
  • Restricted Patterns of Behavior, Interests, and Activities
  • Rules and Routines
  • Screening Across the Lifespan for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Self-Management
  • Sensory Differences
  • Social Narratives
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Social Supports for Transition-Aged Individuals
  • Speech Generating Devices (SGD)
  • Structured Teaching
  • Structured Work Systems and Activity Organization
  • Supporting Successful Completion of Homework
  • Task Analysis
  • The Employee with Autism
  • The Incredible 5-Point Scale
  • Time Delay

What's in each module?

Each module provides a thorough description of the theoretical and practical aspects the topic including:

  1. Video introduction by experts/practitioners of each topic
  2. A thorough definition of each intervention and where it is relevant to apply it
  3. An understanding of the current evidence base for the intervention and any issues with that evidence
  4. The various forms of an intervention e.g. the Social Narratives module covers Social Stories (TM) , Social Scripts, Cartooning, Comic Strip Conversations(TM), Power Cards and Social Autopsies
  5. Practical examples of using an intervention through case studies, videos, and downloadable resource materials
  6. Step by step instructions for implementing the intervention
  7. Implementation checklists to validate the intervention is being implemented correctly.

The step-by-instructions and implementation checklists are particularly valuable. Its all too common for strategies to be implemented incorrectly or in an incomplete manner that reduce or negate their effectiveness. For Social Narratives for example, the instructions describe 10 steps required for effective implementation including clearly identifying the goal of the story, selecting appropriate words and visuals, collecting simple baseline data as well as reviewing and adapting the story based on collected data. The checklists provide and quick and easy mechanism for ensuring all the emblements of the intervention have been implemented as illustrated in the example below..

A section from the AIM Social Narrative checklist
A section from the AIM Social Narrative implementation checklist found at

Is that all?

What? Still not enough for you? Well have no fear, new modules are being constantly being added. The modules scheduled for development include:

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis - An Overview
  • ASD and the Legal System
  • Assessment for Intervention
  • Assessment, Screening, and Diagnostic Instruments
  • Behaviour Intervention Plans
  • Bullying
  • Choice-making
  • Circle of Friends
  • Classroom Structure and Management
  • Cognitive Scripts
  • Direct Instruction
  • Emotional Vulnerability
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Family-School Partnerships
  • Floor Time/DIR
  • Functional Behavioural Assessment
  • Transitioning from Early Intervention to Preschool: A Guide for Family Professional Partnerships

How do get access to them?

Access to the AIM is completely free, simply head on over to the website and register.

The modules can also be used to earn professional development credits for which there is a small charge. See for more information.

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